Riadh Ayari
Tunisia, Age 18, Secondary

My poster illustrates: Freedom from want

The art is a language. It has its own specificities. And the artist doesn’t draw from a void but draws from his memories, eyes, imagination and his vision. The artist communicates/ deals with his painting, he made it visual: the hidden become obvious expressing and transmitting issues concerned his community. Referring to his background, I draw my poster aiming to expressing, through it, a very important and fundamental issue that concerns Africa, the repression that it endures, deprive the dreams of the children. I expressed that through the portrait of the boy whose eyes reflects the prison of life, its grievances which interpret the sadness in his eyes. I used life colours to reflect the desire for the best to come shining like the innocent childhood. I avoided drawing the body of the boy but I focused on his face messages, to have an absolute and unlimited concretisation of the lost rights and freedoms that African people deprived of. Painting will continue to be a special mean of communications to transmit silence and transmit the hidden reality.